Tropical/East Coast IPA
5.2 %ABV
67 IBU
From Atlanta to Athens, Muscle Shoals to Memphis & Nashville; the southern mark on the music we love it monumental. Southernality is the celebration of what moves you, with just a splash of soul. It's rhythm & lyrica that stop you in your tracks and for you to just be... just for a moment. This southern inspired IPA, was born out of the Southern Wilds/Simple Southernality festivals, and originally brewed FOR 1000 Horses to comemmorate their album "Simple Southernality".
Tasting Notes:
A tropical East Coast style IPA with citrus notes, a medium body, and plenty aromatic, brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops.
How to Consume:
  • On Draft - 16oz & 10oz Glasses
  • 6 Pack - 12oz - Take Away Only