West Coast IPA
6.4 %ABV
57 IBU
Put on some headphones, crank up the phonograph, hit play on the 8-track & let melody and lyric spark life. Feel the music begin to move. Enjoy good beer & good conversation with us. Nostalgia is different to every generation. Centenial, being a traditional hop, is the nostalgic flavor of classic IPAs. Citra, being the "newer hipster" hop, is now nostalgic to our generation of new beer drinkers.
Tasting Notes:
A west coast style IPA. Smooth, balanced, and aromatic, Nostalgia is brewed with Centennial and Citra hops.
How to Consume:
  • On Draft - 16oz & 10oz Glasses
  • 6 Pack - 12oz - Take Away Only